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Friday, February 12, 2010

What  is TRP ?

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Last week i watched a Tv Show there was discussion going on different topics some body said that News Channels were playing a cheap tricks to increase their TRP.I thought  TRP means Television Rating Points.So I want to clear my doubt about TRP so i started to search on the net and I found lots of intresting topics on the net so just i want to share some with You....

TRP Means  Targeted rating points.

and I also Want to share diffence between TRP and GRP a small discussion i am writing hereeeeee

In a broadcast media Gross Rating Points (GRP's) are used in media buying and media effectivess analysis. They represent the Reach or audience share of your spots or placements (a function of what stations you buy and when the ads run) times the Frequency or number of spots (advertisements) run. Each GRP represents 1%.

Over a period of time and with multiple impressions, the GRP can be 200, 500 or more. For example a GRP of 100 could mean that you bought a hundred spots with a 1% reach or that you bought 2 spots with a 50% reach.

Targeted Rating Points are a refinement of GRP's to express the reach time frequency of only your most likely prospects. For example, if you buy 150 GRP's for a television spot, but you know that only half of that audience is actually your market, then you would state your TRP as 75 to calculate your net effective buy.

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