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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The wrong map of India

Every Indian has a lovely picture of India’s map imprinted on mind. What do you feel if someone say that map is wrong?

Well, today’s most authentic public knowledge engines say it is wrong.

Following is a map of India from Google insights for a test query. See that Jammu & Kashmir.

india insight

Another one, the map of India returned from for query ‘India’

india wolfram alpha


The Wikipedia image shows some more decency. But we can’t tolerate this too.


Finally, one from Google maps. They show the correct map as we say it. Why? Because Google maps is the most viewed one? so that it won’t provoke a billion people?

india googlemaps

What we should believe? They are wrong or what our teachers taught in primary schools is wrong? Definitely it hurts a true Indian.

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